How Prefabricated Building Differ From Site-Build Homes

Prefab houses have changed significantly since the ones Sears used to sell through their catalog. The new generation of architect & home buyer has sparked a movement in the prefab industry based on spirit & imagination. As a consequence a variety of modern modular homes that challenge all previous ideas of prefab houses has been born. Those uninteresting boxes have been transformed to gorgeous & affordable homes that can be personalized to the level of uniqueness you wish.

How do prefab homes differ from on-site homes?

Since the majority of components (panels and roofs) of prefab houses are constructed in a factory environment, they can be finished inside a matter of a few weeks, in contrary to months. Most importantly they don’t experience the usual on-site construction delays. However, prefab houses must fulfill specific guidelines, rules and building codes that usually surpass those of conventional on-site houses.

When thinking about buying a prefab house, it’s critical to shop around, as not all firms that make modular houses are alike. There can be dramatic dissimilarities in price, quality and service of course. As with buying or constructing any house, it’s important to make your research.

Do all prefabricated buildings look the same?

Opposite to popular myth, prefab homes don’t all look alike. There are no design limitations with such homes. You’ve the luxury to build any style of prefab house you want – be it a conventional center-hall colonial or a Mediterranean. You can incorporate any style of architectural detail that you’re looking for. Almost all host plans can be turned into prefab houses, which entails you can build your dream house.

Facts about prefab houses:

  • The majority of prefab house firms are equipped with in-house engineering departments that use Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Prefab houses can be constructed for accessible living & designed for future conveniences.
  • Home loans & insurance premiums for prefab buildings are the same as site-built houses.
  • Prefab houses are faster to build compared to 100 percent site-built houses.
  • Prefabricated builds can be employed for commercial purposes – for example, office buildings.
  • Prefab homes designs differ in terms of style and size.
  • Prefab homes are known to be a form of green building.
  • Prefabricated houses can be constructed on crawl spaces & basements.

Prefab houses are certainly more affordable than site-built houses. Their shorter construction time will save you big on the overall construction. Give Aussie Panel a call now if you’d like to give prefabricated buildings a try!


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