Most Frequently Asked Questions About Prefab Buildings

Despite prefab buildings becoming an increasingly popular choice for a lot of people, there’s still an astonishing amount of myths regarding what they are, how they’re constructed and the several benefits they can offer. Here we have listed a few common questions we get from customer about prefabricated houses.

What are prefab buildings are made of?

The construction of a prefab house depends on employing many of the same materials related with a conventional building. The most common being steel and concrete! Of course, each manufacturer will depend on a different set of materials to suit the specifications of the build, with price & efficiency generally the deciding factors.

Most importantly, if you are thinking of building a prefabricated house, you can rest easy knowing that the strength of the materials will be comparable to anything employed in a conventional house.

How long do prefabricated houses last?

Just because prefab homes aren’t made in the same manner as conventional houses it does not mean they don’t last.

As with constructing any kind of building, how long it’ll last will rely on several aspects. The quality of materials employed play an important part, as this’ll say how well it can tolerate typical wear and tear and external impacts.

How the prefabricated house is built will also play an important part in how long it’ll last. The more experienced and skilled the personnel involved with constructing it are, the more guarantee you’ll have that it’ll stand tall to the toughest of time.

When it is about the delivery of a prefab home, because they’ve to be transported in modules, the materials have to be sturdy enough to tolerate the problems that can appear with drawn out transportation. In order to acquire this, the manufacturing process assures the material is often a lot more dependable than those employed with conventional stick methods.

Are prefabricated houses are safe?

There’s a misconception that prefab houses aren’t as safe as conventional homes because of the alternative construction techniques involved. However, this is not really the fact for many reasons.

First of all, prefab houses need to be build to meet strict building code regulations, supported by standard on-site inspections at each stage. This is more strict compared to site-built houses which only need single inspection.

Another reason prefabricated houses are a safe choice is because of the manufacturing process. They’re built in a controlled setting employing equipment specially designed to strengthen the structure for long-term use. Conventional contractors don’t have access to this kind of equipment while constructing a house on-site.

If constructing a Prefab Building is in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact Aussie Panel. We design eco-friendly prefab homes that can exceed your expectations both in terms of style & value.


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