Prefab Houses – The Greener Alternative To Traditional Housing

Most people, when they think of prefab houses, think of those white plastic boxes that have been cut in half and are rolling down the highway on the back of a massive tractor-trailer. Not what many people would consider their dream house!

Modern eco-friendly prefabricated houses are changing the way people think regarding a pre-assembled building. These new luxurious homes are no longer plastic boxes - many of them use cutting-edge architectural materials & designs.

The 'trailer park' image of a ready-assembled home is quickly disappearing as new, exciting & innovative designs are being produced to extremely high specifications to be built by skillful craftsmen.

A large part of these new-style buildings are designed to be environment-friendly prefab homes, employing sustainable materials & the latest concepts in energy efficiency, not just for added comfort and to save on power bills, but with a mind to reduce the buildings' carbon footprint.

There’re many reasons why people are turning to these modern prefab homes; not least of all is price. Modern homes built partially or totally off-site, then brought to the homeowners lot for assembly are usually more affordable than having a home built in the conventional manner on-site. This is because it is far more economical to build the home at a production unit rather than bring each brick & piece of timber to the location for assembly.

One factor that makes modern versions more affordable than conventional on-site built homes is the builders can bulk-order materials on a very large scale henceforth significantly decreasing costs on items such as panels, doors  and windows.

Apart from decreased costs, many people are now far more environmentally aware and are concerned regarding the impact their home may have on the world's environmental issues. More people building new homes now think in advance about how best to build a 'greener' house.

Building in a controlled setting, such as a prefab construction facility, it’s far more environmentally friendly than on-site building; one reason for this is because eco-friendly prefab homes generate far less waste than conventional house-building techniques.

They also employ less environmentally-threatened materials such as basic clean water. A prefab home will employ hardly any water during construction. A block & brick house may employ 150,000 gallons in things like cement & mortar. Modern prefab houses also use large amounts of replenishable materials & construction, unlike on-site built homes.

If you are looking for transportable modular houses that look modern and cost less to build or set up, then prefab houses offered at Aussie Panel may be the right option for you. We specialize in designing and manufacturing sustainable modular homes that are environment-friendly and can surpass your expectations in terms of style and value.


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